I am a Digital Strategist and UX Researcher, based in Brisbane QLD

My approach is to build a greater understanding for the needs and motivations for end users and embed these insights into the strategy and design of digital products.

By designing digital products, I aim to blend business goals with customer needs & motivations that result in rich and engaging user experiences.

Working on a wide variety of digital products over a the past 6 years, I aspire to craft digital experiences and uses technology to offer engaging innovative solutions, while solving complex user problems and achieving business objectives.

I use various UX Research methods and create new processes that guide the digital strategy. I act as the advocate for the end user, gaining insight and building empathy for the stakeholder’s needs and motivations.

By combining creative design with business goals and stakeholder analysis, I aim to deliver innovative design solutions that directly meet the needs of a product’s end users.




Senior UX Strategist

As one of the Senior UX Strategists and Designers, my role is to craft bespoke digital products (websites, ecommerce and mobile apps) that align customer needs with business goals.
In my time at Digital8, I developed new end-to-end digital strategy processes to identify business goals, customer personas and UX analysis. The insights gained ensure the digital products are strategically aligned and successful.

Latest Projects:

  • Happy Families
  • Consolidated Insurance Brokers

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Scope Writing
  • Project Management
  • Planning Digital Strategy
  • Website Audit and Analysis (HotJar, Google Analytics)
  • UX Research (interviews, competitor analysis, persona research)
  • UI Design (Mobile, Responsive Web)
  • Website Development (WordPress)
  • Design System Development (Figma)
  • Dev Handover (Figma, Invision)
  • QA & User Testing
  • Overall Product Advocate


Web Publisher

With the Digital Solutions team, I created user-centric design strategies and principles to help create technological solutions for the college and its members — rural GPs across Australia.

Day to day, I engaged with internal and external stakeholders to plan, design and maintain digital products including websites (ACRRM & RMA), college LMS (Canvas) and new digital products.

I also prototyped and designed new digital features — striving to have data and user-research drive the design direction.

Key Projects:

  • Planned and designed low and high fidelity prototypes for new website features.
  • Redesigned the website navigation (UX and UI) to improve scalability and solve identified user experience issues.
  • Designed a new search experience for the website with a user-centric design approach.
  • Designed a new Registered Training Organisation (RTO) management dashboard.


Junior Web Designer

Joined a small digital website design studio as a junior web designer.

Key Projects:

  • Place Real Estate
  • EOS Implementers
  • MOQ Digital

Key roles and responsibilities included:

  • Managing client websites and actioning requests
  • Design wireframes and mock-ups for clients web pages.
  • Designing EDM templates and campaigns
  • Hubspot Designer Certified.


Junior Web Designer

As a junior WordPress designer and developer, I planned, designed and developed over 80 websites for small and medium businesses. My focus was matching ideal customer engagement strategies to business goals, empowering companies through technology and the web.

Day to day responsibilities:

  • Engaged with clients, in person and over phone
  • Translated client briefs into low fidelity wireframes, sketches and mockups
  • Planned digital solutions for SMB websites.
  • Worked rapid planning, design and development of high fidelity digital solutions and products
  • Managed multiple overlapping projects, deadlines and schedules


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • Shopify


Maekit in an online platform, designed for freelancers to quickly and easily deploy WordPress websites with a single click.

I joined the Maekit team as a UX / UI Designer, researching, prototyping and user testing new functionality. I consulted with various user groups on understanding their unique perspectives, goals and objectives in gaining a stronger understanding for how they used and interacted with the platform and how this influenced the design of new features.

  • Design of new user onboarding to encourage purchase of web hosting plans personalised to individual users.
  • Design of Low Fidelity (Wireframes and paper prototypes) and High Fidelity Prototypes (InVision Mockup)
  • User Testing Sessions and Interviews to evaluate and improve design

Strong Digital

Junior Frontend Web Developer

Working in a small specialised team, I research and design Wireframes, User Journeys and prototypes that focus on User Flow, UI and User Experience for websites.

Day to day, I would research, Design and Develop engaging web products, beginning with from wireframes and resolving responsive HTML5 templates.

A distinct focus is taken to capture the best User Experience for each brand identity.

My role collaborate with:

  • graphic designers, translating their designs into HTML views using HTM5, CSS and SASS.
  • coordinate with the developers, then incorporate back-end functionality into the HTML views.

Magin Creative

Web Designer/Developer

Starting up a small freelance business, I partnered with startups and small businesses on several contract projects to plan, design and develop websites and other web related products to increase their web presence. A central piece of this work was on further developing the UX potential of these companies and using the web to realise tangible business goals.

Through this, I evolved my understanding for what it means to be a web designer and focused on providing client centered services linked closely with tangible business value and outcomes.


  • The Arena Coaching – Personal Leadership Coaching (Website and Digital Publication)
  • Plansur – Property Surveying (Website)
  • BioTools – Life Science Distributor (User Experience, Corporate Identity and Website)
  • Genesis Augmented (UX/UI WordPress Website)