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Getting started with Digital Strategy

Crafting an effective digital strategy is a key part of any business that wants to succeed in today’s digital world. At its core, digital strategy is about understanding your audience and then delivering an experience that meets their needs.

Before embarking on the creation of a new digital product (be it website or app), having a well thought out digital strategy helps to ensure the new product aligns business goals with customer needs. User experience research is an essential part of forming a digital strategy and providing research that can identify how a customer wants to engage with a business.

What are some common components of a digital strategy?

Creating a Digital Strategy can include various different tools, strategies and processes to provide business intelligence. These can include:

  1. Defining Business Goals
    • Identify business strategic goals and focused strategies with KPIs
  2. Building Customer Personas
    • Understand intrinsic drivers that motivate a customer to engage with a business, product or service
  3. Mapping End to End User Journeys
    • Gain insight into how a customer engages with a business from first interaction through to the post-sale experience
  4. Auditing Existing Customer Touchpoints
    • Analyse existing websites, apps and social media to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Conducting Competitor Analysis
    • Examine industry competitors to identify threats and opportunities

The goal of using these tools will assist in generating insight into various aspects of the business, creating alignment between business goals and the customer needs. User experience research can help to identify trends and patterns that can in turn generate design recommendations. It is these insights that can guide either the creation of a new product or the improvement of an existing one.

Before embarking on what can be an expensive journey to create a new product, ensuring that there is a good understanding for how this product fits into the strategic vision of the business and also provides value to the needs and wants of customers is an essential first step.

Having a well thought out digital strategy before starting design or development ensures that the designer and developer have a clear understanding for how the product needs to fit within the larger business picture.

How do you develop your own digital strategy? 

Creating a winning digital strategy isn’t hard, but to do it well does take time. It can involve design workshops, meetings with key internal stakeholders and interviews with customers. Engaging a user experience researcher to help conduct this research can lead to creating a digital strategy for your business and is a good first step before beginning planning design or development of a new product.

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